Dizziness is a sense of feeling lightheaded or unsteady or woozy that is often accompanied by sensations of swaying, tilting, whirling, spinning, floating or moving that could also be described as vertigo.  Dizziness can hit even when you are standing or lying down absolutely still.

Causes of dizziness

What precautions can I take to avoid sustaining injuries during my dizzy spells?

  • Change positions or take turns slowly and gradually. It is better if you have something to hold onto while turning or changing positions.
  • Installation of hand grips in bathrooms will also help minimize slips due to dizziness.
  • Always walk up and down the stairs holding on to the handrail.
  •  Make sure that you walk only in lighted areas. Avoid walking in the dark. Get night lights in every room of your house and before entering a dark room, switch on the light.
  • Be regular with your prescription medicines and follow the diet prescribed to you.
  • Balance improvement exercises such as yoga or tai chi can help a lot.
  • If your condition is really bad, use a cane or a walker for support on move.
  • Make sure that your footwear is low-heeled, comfortable, flexible and gives good traction.
  • Remove floor clutter from your home to avoid tripping over. Stools, rugs, loose electrical cords, floor cushions – clear them all.
  • Avoid driving, climbing, or any activity involving heights till your doctor gives an all-clear signal.