Nasal Discharge

Nasal congestion and discharge (runny nose, rhinorrhea) are extremely common problems that commonly occur together but occasionally occur alone.


 Fluid sometimes drains from an infected sinus. Children sometimes put a foreign object in their nose. If adults do not see them do this, the first sign may be a foul-smelling nasal discharge due to infection and irritation from the foreign object. Rarely, adults with mental disorders put objects in their nose.People who use nasal decongestant sprays for more than 1 or 2 days often experience significant rebound congestion (the return of congestion that is worse than before) when the effects of the drug wear off. People then continue using the decongestant in a vicious circle of persistent, worsening congestion. This situation (rhinitis medicamentosa) may persist for some time, and people may misinterpret it as a continuation of the original problem rather than a consequence of treatment.