What types of problems in the larynx (voice box) require microsurgery?

The vocal cords are located in the larynx. Sound that comes from the vibration of the vocal cords is the primary source of speaking and singing. The lining of the vocal cords is the mucosa. Any lumps,  irregularities on or underneath the vocal cord mucosa can make it vibrate abnormally and cause a voice change. Vocal cord polyps, nodules, cysts, and papilloma are some of the benign lesions that can develop on the vocal cords.

Voice care tips

  • Avoid whispering or shouting.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks.
  • No smoking or smoky environments.
  • Limit telephone usage.
  • Keep your throat moist by sipping water or juice throughout the day and by chewing gum.
  • Allow for periods of vocal rest with no talking and no whispering.
  • Minimise coughing, hacking and throat clearing.
  • Use electronic amplification where necessary.
  • Do not attempt to speak over noise.
  • Rest your voice after singing, lecturing, etc.